Digital transformation at MS Liga

Cooperation with the Belgian MS League resulted in increased effectiveness of their operations. Both fundraising and internal processes were streamlined.

For forty years, MS Liga Flanders has been committed to improving the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis, their families and their surroundings. After years of working in an outdated system, they turned to The Digitals for a digital transformation.

Helping older people

Core results

CRM and website

We implemented a digital platform to digitise and automate the operation.

Member benefits

The new online tool gives members access to new information and member benefits.


The acquisition of new funds has been made easy by online fund raising tools.

Campaigns and Google grant ads

All kinds of campaigns are directed and promoted via the marketing platform.

Focus on results

MS League

The main goal of the project was to digitalise as many processes as possible for the above themes. MS League is a non-profit organisation and therefore has to rely on contributions from organisations and individuals. That is why we put a lot of effort into fundraising and communication.

New platform

MS League was working with an outdated tool, which was only available to internal staff. The League wanted it to be more user-friendly, secure and GDPR-proof, preferably while retaining CiviCRM. Our developers got to work building the new tool in Drupal. With a portal for online donations, gifts and a campaign planner, the tool is fully ready for the future.

SEO analysis

From the start, we involve MS League in a thorough SEO analysis. Together, we perform a keyword investigation. Content and technical aspects of the website are scrutinised. By sharing our knowledge, the League is now able to generate relevant web content by itself.

Google Grants Ads

Non-profit organisations turn over every penny. We therefore point MS League in the direction of Google Ads Grants, where they can freely make use of 10,000 dollars a month. We guide them through the verification process and think strategically about the objectives and tactics of Google Ads campaigns.

Data tracking & dashboarding

The Digitals is data-driven. We thrive best in an environment where we track data. We process this data into a visual dashboard for MS League. All data from the website, campaign results and SEO performance is kept an eye on that way.

Freedom ms
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Digital Experience Platform experts

The Digitals over at Calibrate and Ambitious joined forces. We built a new tool, while retaining the essential links to CiviCRM, and provide data-driven marketing backed by Google Ads Grants.

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