Branding & digital design

Is your brand in need of a refresh? Designing a visual identity for your organisation can be a real challenge.

Our designers help you with all aspects of visual branding and digital design.

Designer graphic


We design a new corporate identity for you, with the right colour choices and design. A visual style that fits your brand identity.

Design assets

We design all the design tools you need, from web design to social media, from your app to your email signature.


We immediately develop your digital house style into a web design. This way, we determine the visual framework for your online presence.


All of your brand's design philosophy ends up in a branding guide, which briefs all of your suppliers on your visual identity.

  • Laroy
  • Odisee
  • P bay
  • Q8
  • Roxell
  • Protime
  • Waterlink
  • WDP
  • Meat More
  • Oxfam
  • Meta4 Books
  • Vdk
  • Ion
  • Signpost
  • PSA

A digital styleguide

A digital styleguide defines how all digital applications will interact with your brand identity.

This way, you can provide each graphic designer with a concrete design briefing, resulting in specific designs that carries the same brand identity. The digital style tile provides a clear overview of your digital style at a glance.

Designing a logo

Based on a set number of iterative design moments, we bring your brand to life. We design a logo based on your DNA and the goals of your organisation.

Logo design is a speciality and deserves specific attention. That is why we make it a separate process during our cooperation, so that there are separate feedback moments.


Branding for the Lumière Group

The cinema specialists at Lumière Group called on our team of design specialists.

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