Research & insights

Investigating & understanding, that's how every story starts at The Digitals. It's the basis of everything we stand for. It allows us to apply our knowledge and expertise with incredible precision.

Our ultimate goal? To make your product, company, idea or service fit the real needs of the customer or user even better. That is what our team is passionate about every day!

A broader view thanks to an external audit

Many organisations today rely heavily on their website, intranet or other digital web app. Are you 100% sure that these applications are developed according to the rules of the art? And what about usability and accessibility (WCAG)?

In addition, marketing requires more and more specialised expertise and advertising budgets. Do you sometimes wonder if that money is being spent wisely?

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Know you audience

User research

Every digital solution must solve a concrete need of a user. The user must be able to complete his task successfully and as smoothly as possible.

But how do you uncover those needs? Bring a few experts together? An off-site workshop with the company's leadership? Although these opinions can certainly be valuable, they remain what they are: opinions. The real needs of your end-users can only be discovered through user research.

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Data analysis

Data analysis: not gut feelings, but facts

Today, we live in an age where we can measure almost anything. The big advantage? You can say with certainty whether a decision has produced results or not.

The pitfall, however, is that you take decisions on the basis of incorrect data or incorrect insights. Our digital natives ensure that your data becomes transparent and can be used for the objectives of your company or organisation.

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Service design

Service design makes your product, company, idea or service better.

Do you also want your customers or end users to have a pleasant and flawless experience with your service? Then service design is the right recipe for you.

The goal? To make your product, company, idea or service fit the real needs of the customer even better.

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Service design workshop

Happy customers

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