Making the difference

You want to sell your products online in the best possible way?

Be one step ahead of your competitors
. A targeted e-commerce strategy ensures success.

Be different

Know your competitors

We examine your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

The SWOT analysis indicates where you can make a difference.

Sales strategy

A well-thought-out marketing and sales strategy is crucial to selling your products online.

Know your customer

We research the behaviour and preferences of your target audience.

This allows you to better tailor your offer to your customers and maximise sales.

E-commerce platform

We determine the best technical solution to sell online. Our E-commerce technology is technically flexible, easy to use and, above all, widely applicable.

Recipe for success


The thoughtful leveraging of data, insights and research ensures that your e-commerce investment also pays off. Because online competition is so intense, it is better to work with the facts: by investing in creating insights, you can make targeted investments.

We help you, by generating this data. We do research on:

  • Your target audience and customers
  • Your competitors
  • The state of the market
  • Your current strengths and weaknesses
  • The state of your digital maturity
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Marketing & sales strategy

Based on your own ambitions and the reality of the facts, we design an e-commerce roadmap. This maps out which investments you need to make when, but also how you can most efficiently reach your target group and achieve your own goal: selling successfully online.

What we do for you:

  • Define online sales strategy
  • Draw up a marketing plan
  • Determine investment roadmap
  • Draw up ROI KPIs and make them measurable
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E-commerce platform development

Of course, we also build e-commerce solutions, for large companies and SMEs.

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