Online marketing

We max out your digital presence with our marketing services. From performance marketing to creative marketing campaigns, we pull out all the stops.

Our marketeers assist you with all online marketing services, depending on your goals. That way, you reach more people and achieve higher conversion rates.

Online marketeers

Performance marketing

We optimise your CRO and lead generation through SEO and SEA services. We manage your advertising campaigns for better online performance.

Content marketing

Delivering the right messages to your website, social and email communications keeps you relevant to your target audience.

Marketing automation

We design automated marketing campaigns that help you scale and automate marketing flows. Reach more people by being relevant.

Data analytics

No digital marketing without reporting numbers and KPIs. We visualise your goals to be able to respond faster to trends and opportunities.


Digital performance marketing in food retail

We bring results to the table, both for consumer brands Bon'Ap and Buurtslagers and Meat&More itself.

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Performance marketing for VITO

VITO called on us for online marketing services. Before we started, we revamped the digital presence.


Digital strategy & marketing

The SAP specialists, Flexso, needed a renewed digital strategy. We transformed the brand strategy and devised an effective marketing plan.

Flexso people

Data is King

The Digitals is data-driven. That's why we focus on data collection and evaluation in all phases of every project.

Your goals

First, we look at you. What are your business goals and what counts for you as micro and macro conversion?

Of course, you don't only keep your own ambitions in mind, you also have to respond to the demand of your target group. With the data of your own goals and those of your target audience, together we draw up your most important KPIs. These are an important tool throughout all aspects of your digital project and will eventually be visualised in online dashboards.

Digital marketing plan

Once your digital strategy has been determined, we draw up a marketing plan that will achieve these goals. Everything neatly divided into campaigns and a to-do list.

Measure, evaluate, optimise

By measuring and constantly adjusting the digital marketing campaigns, you increase efficiency and achieve better online conversion. And that is what we always strive for.

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Onze USP

Co-marketing for optimal results

We pride ourselves on taking your marketing to the next level with our co-marketing approach.

Co-marketing means that we continuously work together with your team. The co-creation sessions provide strong ideas that are developed within a blended marketing team. Because of the close and personal cooperation, we are on the same wavelength and truly part of your company.

We complement your team where and when needed. This way, you experience the power of collaboration.

Co marketing

Performance marketers

Based on data, our performance marketers increase your online conversion. They are the ones who generate clicks, registrations and orders.

Campaign marketers

They design and manage your digital marketing campaigns. Even without a pilot's licence, they maintain a helicopter view.

Data analysts

They interpret data and report on relevant insights. No grey areas, but hard quantitative and qualitative data that doesn't lie.


From the first letter to the very last call-to-action, our copywriters juggle effective messages on all your communication channels.

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