Digital transformation in food retail at Meat&More

Meat&More partned with us to make the switch from traditional food retailer to online sales and online conversion of job seekers.

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Core services


We brought Meat&More into the world of online retail, for orders and direct sales.

Employer branding

Through the HR marketing platform, we ensure a qualitative influx of new talent.


A multisite marketing platform for retail & HR performance marketing.


Our marketeers reinforce Meat&More's marketing team monthly.

A complete DXP

Food retail project

Meat&More's challenge consisted mainly of the transition from a traditional food company to a digitally driven organisation. After consultation with their internal teams, this led to some main goals:


Introducing the company to the world of online sales. As a result, orders can now be placed and purchases made online at both Buurtslagers and Bon'Ap. Stock systems, Product Information Management and order flows were custom integrated into their systems.

HR acquisition

Meat&More is a human company, but that translated difficultly into an influx of sufficient qualitative applicants. With the employer branding campaign and a new HR marketing platform, a solution was found.

Product marketing

Meat&More is first and foremost a food retailer and is growing very fast with their public brands Buurtslagers and Bon'Ap. They also relied heavily on paper marketing assets. With the new multibrand marketing platform, products are processed faster and more effectively in marketing campaigns.

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Strong together

A nice example of a project at The Digitals. Did you know that our experts at UXMen, Calibrate and Codana were involved in one project team?

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