Ordering platform for Cyclobility

Cyclobility provides bicycle leasing services and helps with sustainable mobility. We ensure that management of leasing contracts runs smoothly, for customer, end user and manager.

For Cyclobility we built an ordering platform where personal product prices are calculated based on unique business rules.

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Core services

Order online

Choose your bike online and order via the platform. Fast, easy and safe.

Digital processes

Bicycle leasing is a specific business. The platform automates the logical processes required for this.

Personal pricing

A unique price is calculated for each user based on their personal settings.


Users and administrators are always kept up to date with changes to orders because of the automated notification system.

E-commerce expertise

The Cyclobility platform was custom developed using Drupal Commerce by the specialists at Calibrate. These are our Digitals with deep expertise in Drupal.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Drupal Commerce?

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