Winsol has only one goal. To make your home a cosy and safe space that you can enjoy for years to come. Through their extensive product range, innovative production technologies and quality service, they have been doing this for almost 145 years. So their website needed to be able to convey this expertise and support them in their daily operations.

Our assignment? To provide a brand new website that inspires and converts users with sufficient content and up-to-date information.
We conceived and developed a brand new and user-friendly lead generation platform in CraftCMS for Winsol.

  • Digital transformation
Winsol case partners

Digital strategy

Clear chalk lines were set out at the beginning. Together with the Winsol team, we defined the vision and concrete objectives.
We linked these objectives to a digital strategy and started working on it.

Information architecture

Based on the user data, we determined the user journeys and conversion paths.
We provided a clear and intuitive information architecture.


Winsol's house style was scrutinised and adapted. Based on this, a new, fresh design in Winsol style was provided.
Moreover, this brand new design was developed with lead generation in mind.

Craft CMS development

A functional analysis was built based on the designs and input from Winsol itself.
Using this analysis and designs, we developed a fast and user-friendly website in CraftCMS that is fully integrated with the Winsol IT environment.

Winsol is the partner for total finishing of your home and garden. Supported daily by experienced professionals and architects, they value good service and personal advice. A modern website that supports them in their day-to-day activities is therefore a must for them. The final website offers a clear overview and is the result of close cooperation with a lot of expertise on both sides.

Our Digitals were given the challenge of building a platform that could serve to both inspire and convert. The new platform not only had to offer what individuals needed, but professionals and architects also had to be offered a smooth user experience. In addition, for Winsol's marketers themselves, this platform had to offer a future-proof solution that they could work with without compromise.

We got to work on this and started by analysing the current website to identify user data and possible shortcomings. The insights we gained from this served as the basis for developing the new platform. To meet Winsol's demand, the necessary workshops were also organised. These served as input for taking the entire navigation & structure of the website in hand. And with results! From now on, the focus is no longer on the services Winsol offers but rather on their product range. Users are now more fluently inspired and guided towards conversion.

An integration with Winsol's own CRM (WinPro) was also provided. All dealers on the website now come from the database of this CRM and are supplemented via a link with info from Google My Business. Thus, all data for each dealer in Winsol products are always up-to-date. All completed forms are also directly linked to WinPRO so that the sales team can further follow up leads from there.

Winsol stressed the day-to-day importance of this link and it was therefore subjected to extensive testing.

Despite tight deadlines, the project was successfully set up and Winsol can now provide their customers with an even better digital service!

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