Service design enhances your ideas

Do you also want your customers or end users to have a pleasant and flawless experience with your service? Take the lead by applying service design.

The goal? To make your product, company, idea or service even more in tune with the real needs of the customer.

Service design workshop

Any interaction between your brand and a user can be considered a service. Service design is the application of methods and design tools with the aim of improving the quality of this service, and the interaction between the service provider and the customer.

Service design helps you to look at the services your organisation provides from a customer's perspective.

Many organisations still face immense challenges when it comes to digitalisation. But how do you get started with digital transformation?

Service design helps you look at the services your organisation provides from a customer perspective. The methods and design tools can be used for public or commercial services, for products or the combination of product-service (product as a service).
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The principles of service design

At The Digitals, we attach great importance to values, and value creation. We believe it's important that the work we deliver makes a positive imprint on everyone involved. So the basic principles of service design are in our DNA and in that of our clients:

  • People-focused or human-centred
    Digital solutions are there for your users. Whether you want to build a website, intranet or other digital web app, the end user is always central. They must be able to carry out their task successfully and as smoothly as possible.
  • Collaborative
    By bringing together the insights and feedback from all stakeholders, your product, company, idea or service will be much better aligned with the real needs of the customer.
  • Iterative
    Do you still believe in the big bang theory? Better to think now and get it right the first time? Not us at all. Prototyping and testing can save a lot of time and money during development. This is a continuous process. Not just at the start, but throughout the life of the project and beyond.
  • Successive
    Only when all parts of a service or process have been properly worked out will the customer experience be good. It is therefore important to map out every step from start to success.
  • Realistic
    Always involve your end users or customers. They are very task-oriented, so it is important to investigate and test all scenarios as realistically as possible so that they reflect the real world.
  • Holistic
    Every process, no matter how small or large, is in turn part of a larger whole. It is important to see the connection between different processes or parts of a product and the touch points of each person involved as a coherent whole.
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