A clearer view thanks to an audit

Why is your investment in digital solutions not paying off? An external audit allows you to have the key elements of your digital story scrutinised.

A thorough analysis and accompanying report will show you exactly where any shortcomings are.

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A lot of organisations today rely very heavily on their online platforms. Are you 100% sure that these applications are developed according to the rules of the art? Is your investment aligned with your target audience? And what about usability and accessibility (WCAG)?

In addition, digital marketing requires more and more specialised expertise. Do you sometimes wonder whether that money is being well spent?

Digital maturity audit

After our digital maturity audit, you will know exactly how far your organisation has come in terms of digital transformation.

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Accessibility audit

As true Digitals, we focus on the end-user, your customer. We find out whether your web content is accessible to everyone.

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Digital marketing audit

Our Digitals analyse your current marketing mix and see what can be improved immediately.

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Technical audit

A thorough review of the technical architecture and code quality of your digital platform.

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Where do you stand as an organisation?

Test your organisation's digital maturity

How do you want your organisation to engage with technology and digitalisation? The world is changing rapidly with ongoing digitalisation at all possible levels. By digitising existing processes (better), you take a head start. It increases the quality of your product or service and ensures higher customer satisfaction.

After our digital maturity audit, you will know perfectly how far your organisation is in terms of digital transformation. And you will receive a roadmap to accelerate your further growth.

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WCAG compliancy has many advantages

Web accessibility

Making your website, intranet or web app accessible to everyone. That is ingrained in our DNA for a reason. As true Digitals, we would like to bring everyone on board in the digital world.

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Optimal user experience thanks to WCAG for VRT Taal

The aim is to make the website easily accessible to the widest and most diverse audience possible.

If accessibility is included from the start of a project, you immediately reap a lot of additional benefits:

  1. Accessible equals user-friendly.
  2. You reach a wider target audience.
  3. It improves your SEO.
  4. As a government organisation, you have a legal obligation to be accessible to everyone.
  5. As a private organisation, you help lead by example. This reflects positively on your brand.

We thoroughly screen your current website, intranet or web app and present you with a comprehensive report that clearly shows your accessibility level. With a concrete step-by-step plan towards WCAG compatibility.

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Do you know what you spend?

Digital marketing audit

Performance marketing, CPC, CPE, CTR, tracking pixels, remarketing,... are the buzzwords flying around your ears too? Do you also secretly have to admit that you can't always follow that hip digital marketer? And above all, does it sometimes make you wonder whether your marketing budget is being spent well?

You are not alone.

Our Digitals will analyse your current marketing mix and see what can be improved immediately. The final report immediately forms the basis for shaping your digital marketing strategy in the long term.


Your position in the search results largely determines your success. Our experts check technically and content-wise that everything is done according to the rules of the art and provide concrete advice.

Tracking audit

Adjusting your digital strategy is only possible if you start measuring and analysing in the right way. Our experts analyse and give concrete advice that is immediately executable.

Paid advertising audit

Small or big budget? You want every euro to pay off. We check that your campaigns are set up correctly. Is your targeting OK? Are your ads well written? Our experts answer these questions.

Social media audit

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ... We analyse which social networks are relevant to you and how your current presence is yielding results.

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A look under the bonnet

Technical audit

If a specific process or even the entire existence of your company or organisation is related to the operation of your digital platform, (e-commerce) website or app, then of course you want to be sure that everything is built as it should be. But do you always know what is going on under the water?

A good architecture and technical implementation allows you to keep improving and extending your digital solution step by step. Be sure to pay enough attention to this.

It can threaten the survival of your business or organisation.

After an audit, you get:

  • a clear report,
  • with concrete actions,
  • and valuable tips,
  • so you can get started tomorrow.
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