Digital transformation plan

Many business processes are still performed manually today. Out of habit, or simply because that's how it works, you sometimes hear. With a digital transformation plan, you take your organisation to a higher level.

You do this by deploying new digital tools and the use of smart digital workflows.

This way, you save time and can invest in what really counts.

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Your internal workflows 2.0

Does your organisation struggle with difficult work processes? Our experts guide you in analysing and improving your internal processes. Via service design techniques, we work together with you on improved workflows. The result: smooth communication and satisfied employees.

No more paperwork

With CRM software and workflow automation, we ensure that your administrative processes happen quickly and without errors. The use of smart tools makes your work well-organised and ensures clear reporting.

No more paperwork

Integrated workflows

By linking separate services and components, you obtain one smooth workflow, which works end-2end. The smooth flow of information ensures higher quality data and faster results.

Efficiency breakthrough for MS League

The MS League in Belgium is committed to their members every day, spreading information about MS and collecting funds.

Within our partnership, we work with them to improve their work processes, both in administration, marketing and membership recruitment.

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Helping older people

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is used as a catch-all term. It describes the process in which an organisation improves its operations by analysing its needs and then filling in the problem or opportunity with a digital solution.

Of course, this is different for every organisation. The Digitals works for a wide range of clients. When we work for commercial organisations in retail or non-profits, the solutions are of course different. But every organisation benefits from digitising its operations.

To map out your digital transformation plan, we work with service design techniques. Using the double diamond principle, we manage to achieve two important things through a hands-on, iterative process

Every organisation benefits from digitising its operations.

  1. Visual discovery and mapping of the organisation's needs
  2. Implementation of problem-solving digital methods and processes

The short lead times of our service design tracks are highly appreciated by our customers. A co-creation process and a practical mentality are at the basis of customer satisfaction.

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