Business process automation

By streamlining and digitalising your processes, you increase the efficiency and scalability of your organisation.

Business process automation

BPA as a secret weapon

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the implementation of software to make processes in your organisation run smoother. It is often a solution to transform repetitive, sometimes manual processes into one fluent process. BPA is specific to your organisation and links your existing systems to integrate complex business processes into a visually designed workflow.

A business process can take many forms, but it can be defined as the whole of all actions that one or more actors perform to achieve a certain goal. This can be diverse: an approval flow, handling an e-commerce order, processing data to create a conversion flow, etc.

The power of co-creation

Design of your BPA flows

Before we can develop the automation flows, we will design the processes within Business Process Management (BPM). Maybe you are already working on that and we can assist your team. If you are not yet working on BPM, we will be happy to start this up with you in co-creation mode.

We do this within a service design approach, where you as a customer are guided in analysing your existing processes and defining new, better processes.

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Applying BPA

Tailor-made software

Because BPA is very specific to your organisation, we often develop customised BPA flows.

BPA tools

We work with existing BPA platforms to integrate your existing services.

Food retail BPM

E-commerce automation for Meat&More

Meat&More's e-commerce platform automates editorial and sales processes.

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Why automate?

It will not surprise you that process automation makes you money. But that is not the only benefit of automating your business processes.

1. Excluding manual processes avoids errors and increases the quality of your data

2. Automatic processes are faster and save time

3. Once your process is automated, you can scale up more easily

4. A well-designed BPA process is low-maintenance and grows with you

Your data, secure and scalable

We use Google Cloud technology to run your BPA processes. The processes run in scalable, separate containers, making them extremely flexible and secure. Processes can grow on-demand and scale up automatically.

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