A sustainable world cannot become reality soon enough for VITO. With innovative technical solutions, they strengthen the economic and social fabric in Flanders. We revamped their website from needle to thread.

  • Online portal
  • Digital Experience Platform
  • Branding & digital design
  • Online marketing

Data and SEO analysis

VITO was in need of a new website. Before we started the redesign, we analysed all web data and SEO performance. Thanks to a thorough knowledge of the website visitors, we detect concrete opportunities to attract interested parties and guide them to the new website.

Redesign corporate website

VITO envisioned a different type of corporate website, one with a focus on services and products. In the pursuit of a product-oriented environment, we bring the portfolio of VITO prominently into focus. VITO now manages the internal applications via a custom module built by us and imports the apps via APIs. Integrations with existing marketing automation platforms are taken over.

We are now a few years down the line and Drupal is not standing still. Because of our good cooperation we also follow up the transition and redesign to Drupal 9 for VITO.

Custom tracking and data-rapportage

We recommend some custom trackings to capture additional insights about website visitors. We combine these insights with all data in Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads and all social media channels and bundle this in Data Studio. In this way, VITO always has a visual report at its disposal.

Marketing campaigns

We guide the marketing and communication team of VITO through various campaigns. In a co-marketing story, we regularly consult about target groups, channels and the authority of destination pages. With the necessary tracking codes and pixels in Google Tag Manager, we keep our finger on the pulse and monitor the CRO of all campaigns.


Strong teams

Marketing by Ambitious, design by UXMen and development by Calibrate. A perfect cooperation between three companies, each with their own expertise. Want to know more about these Digitals?

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