Digital strategy

We help our clients understand how to create an effective digital strategy. We conduct the necessary research, prepare a strategic research report and develop a strategic marketing plan.

What is a digital strategy?

Digital strategy consists of a number of core aspects:

  • Your organisation's goals in digital KPIs
  • Digitale communicatiestrategie
  • Change management for internal adaptation of digital tools and processes
  • The strategic digital platforms you need to achieve your goals

When you have made these four necessary strategic decisions, you are ready to execute your plan.

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Determining digital strategy starts with creating an unambiguous understanding of your current situation. This will ensure that you know all the parameters needed to determine the digital strategy.

The first step

Knowledge of your situation

Performance analysis

We examine your current performance in the form of a SWOT analysis.

Research target groups

How does your target group view your offer and what are their expectations?

Competitive SWOT

We expose the threats and opportunities from your competitors.

KPI definition

Your own goals drive your strategy. We record them in KPI workshops.

Making the difference

From conversations with many customers, we know that defining a clear strategy is often difficult. Because teams are often driven by short-term goals, but especially because the way competitors are viewed is often fundamentally flawed.

Communication that strikes a unique chord automatically makes a bigger difference than your competitors.

Decision-makers are often driven by words like "best" or "most". While you are better off with words like "specific" or "unique".

When you anticipate the expectations and needs of your target audience, with an offer and communication that strikes a unique chord, you automatically make a bigger difference than your competitors. And that is what we help you with.

Digital transformation

How to get your organisation to the next level. By digitalising the right processes and upgrading your digital maturity.

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Marketing & communication

How do you ensure that your communication resonates with your target audience? Which media platforms do you use and how do you best reach your target audience?

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User research

Platform strategy

What personal digital platforms do you need and how do you choose between all the available technology and MarTech?

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