Technical strategy

In every project, important technical decisions have to be made very early on in the process. Choices that cannot be undone easily, and therefore have an impact for a very long time.

The technical strategy of your project determines the lifespan and strength of your digital platform. The technical realisation is often also the largest investment, which makes an optimal technical strategy important.

Technical strategy

Independent advice

We do not commit to a specific vendor or technology.

Architecture & requirements

We help you out with platform capacity requirements, functional requirements & technical architecture.

The ideal preparation

You can immediately apply the results of our efforts in your own RFIs and RFPs.

A complete picture of your needs

Technical experts work together with strategists and functional analysts to complete your tender.

Connected and integrated

Open platform strategy

We avoid a monolithic platform architecture. We work with connected digital products or technologies, each of which is best in class. Your web apps and websites, but also your CRM and marketing tools. This gives your platform more clout and technical agility.

We use Open Source technology and industry-standard products. We also work according to best practices and technical standards, making our work transferable and maintainable.

Always online and reachable

Operational reliability

Once your platform is up and running, you want the maintenance to run smoothly and you want to have certainty about the maintainability. Known roadmaps, insight and control over the code are important features for us.

Together with our customers, we have full control over code, infrastructure and deployment processes.

Driven growth

Technical strategy for Meat&More

As a growing player in food retail, Meat&More approached us for a digital transformation.

The technical strategy was important to combine CMS, E-commerce and lead generation in one digital marketing platform.

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Marketing technology

Our platforms are built with various technical solutions: MarTech products and technology.

Did you know that there are more than 8,000 MarTech solutions, each catering to its own niche? Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses. So you need a digital partner to advise you in this complex world.

Speak with a MarTech specialist

Want to know what platform ideas we can generate for your project? We would be happy to arrange a meeting with our digital strategists and MarTech specialists.

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The Open Marketing Strategy

The open marketing strategy creates an open digital ecosystem that is the combination of several "best-in-class" Open Source components.

The strategy ensures that you avoid vendor lock-in and also leads to a high degree of flexibility.

These are linked via modern APIs, allowing them to be easily connected and disconnected as required. The ecosystem welcomes innovation and change when needed.

This creates four fundamental advantages:

  1. Change is much easier. Unlike a monolithic software package, you can replace any component faster and more budget-friendly, which stimulates innovation.
  2. It is much more qualitative. Each component concentrates on its own functionalities and is therefore much better at its job.
  3. Your data is completely under control. You decide when and how your data is exchanged between the platforms and have full control.
  4. Budget is better spent. You do not spend your budget on expensive licences, but on concrete functionality that you want.
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