A performant communication and marketing strategy

A well thought-out strategy to communicate your products and services is a must-have if you want to make an impact in our busy digital world.

Our digital natives help you turn your strategy into a perfectly executable plan. By you or in co-creation with The Digitals.

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We examine your business situation and propose a digital strategy that closely matches the unique needs and opportunities of your target audience.


Our digital marketing plan is clear and actionable, by you or in co-creation with The Digitals.


Communicating with your target group using as many digital touchpoints as possible. We use all possibilities of digital communication.


We focus on a sustainable marketing plan that ensures long-term results.

From strategy to plan

We achieve results as quickly as possible. To achieve these, we work in three clear stages.


Before you can draw up a digital marketing strategy, knowledge of your situation is required. What service or product do you offer and how does this compare to competing offerings? A good understanding of your USPs is needed to communicate clearly.

How can you play these USPs off against your competitors? What are their weaknesses and where do the opportunities lie? We put these next to your goals and draw out a few hero tasks.


With this knowledge, we build a strategic plan that is fully tailored to your target group and your own goals. We anticipate your situation and that of your competitors. We draw up our own goals and clearly define them in a strategic description. Together with you, we determine the intended investment and the planning to achieve the goals.


The goals are examined in detail and broken down into marketing campaigns and plans. These are easily implemented by digital marketers and reported in KPI dashboards.

Data driven

New digital strategy

Meat&More needed a new digital strategy for its corporate presence, but also for its food brands.

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A new online strategy

OLVZ's communication was completely focused on the end user. We helped with strategic research and the roll-out of the digital communication.

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Satisfied customers

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  • Oxfam
  • Meta4 Books
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  • Ion
  • Vlaanderen
  • Jan De Nul
  • Base
  • PSA
  • Signpost
  • VUB
  • VDAB
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  • Telenet
  • WDP

Content analysis and migration

Do you already have a website which is in need of a refresh? We will map your current content and make a thorough analysis of the content plan in function of the new website. Existing content with positive value for visitors and search engines will be integrated into the new content. We also help you with the migration of your legacy content, via manual or automatic content migration.

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