Designing, building and promoting Flexso's new website

A move to one digital environment, where each of the Flexso brands finds its place.

  • Digital Experience Platform
  • UI & UX design
  • Digital marketing strategy
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Flexso builds smart SAP solutions for a wide range of customers. With three competence centres - or brands - we can speak of a strongly extended expertise. An expertise that was getting harder to find online. Flexso called on our services to go from three websites to one. We designed, built and promoted a completely new online environment.

Core services

Website analysis and SEO research

We analysed Flexso's online environment.

UX-research & design

Each brand has its own unique space in a practical overview.

Webdevelopment in Craft CMS

A customised CMS with essential links.


Our marketers continue to support Flexso.

Website analysis and SEO research

We first analysed the old website, so that we know who the visitors are and which faults we need to eliminate. We then created the new website with content that comes up during an SEO survey. Which topics are unique to certain competence centres? How do the three compare to each other? Do they position themselves differently in the market? Which search terms belong to which competence centre, and are there similarities?

UX strategy and navigation architecture

Our UX specialists ensure that each brand has its own environment on the website. By highlighting the unique aspects of each brand, our UX specialists ensure that they get their own recognisable environment on the website. Customer journey and top tasks are consolidated in a uniform navigation structure.


With Craft CMS, we choose a strong foundation for the new website. With an intuitive customised website, it is child's play for Flexso to add or modify content blocks. Moreover, we create essential links so that the marketing and HR team always have access to up-to-date data.


A new website begs for a new marketing approach. We report marketing campaigns monthly in a comprehensive report with website figures and conversion rates. Each time, we propose website optimisations with a view to CRO.

Women meeting

Our experts from Ambitious, UXMen and Digital Pulse joined forces to design, build and promote a website.

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