Lumière branding

Lumière is best known to the public for its city cinemas in Mechelen, Bruges and Antwerp. But the Lumière Group is involved in all aspects of cinema. They take care of production, financing, distribution and screening. We took care of a complete new brand identity.

Lumiere brand

Logo design

The new logo is timeless and widely applicable.


A recognisable branding, in which every group activity has the same uniform appearance.

Asset creation

We developed usable design assets for Lumière to work with.


We drew up a brand book so that everyone uses the new branding consistently.

Group brand guides

We further developed six (sub)brands of Lumière in a separate brand guide.

Because the group activities are so different, we gave each of them a different visual design. This way we reinforce their individuality. Each activity was also given its own derivative of the logo, which always remains recognisable as a Lumière brand.

Cinema bij je thuis

In the details

The branding was worked out to the smallest detail. From the logo over colour choices to photographic style and component design.

Typography is provided for print and digital activities. Colours were chosen and validated for each application. White space, margins and other design rules were also defined.

In addition, we also developed assets such as social media templates and powerpoint templates.


The design experts

This branding was fully developed by our Digitals at UXMen, true specialists in Design and User Experience. Want to know more?

UX Men logo 1000x1000