E-learning and coaching for students of Odisee University College

We developed an innovative web application for Odisee. This tool enables students to make the difficult step from Dream to Reality.

Many students are full of ideas, but often do not succeed in transforming these into executable plans. Based on a research model of Odisee, we developed a coaching application to help them with that.

  • Application development
  • UI & UX design
Student computer

Core services for Odisee

App UI design

We developed web app prototypes and tested them with a test audience.

PWA development

The app is a progressive web app built with Laravel (PHP) and React (JavaScript) technology.

Modern features

The app includes chat functions, social feeds, personal profiles and much more.


We launched the application for hundreds of students in Belgium.

The power of co-creation and focus groups

Within this project, it was particularly important to convert the research model into a workable platform that is convenient to use and, above all, stimulating.

Each phase of the project involved many co-creation workshops and validation moments with the focus group. From the strategic phase, through design and development.

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