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The MarTech technology landscape in 2022. (yes, more of that)

Joris De Groot

Written on 04 May 2022

Joris De Groot
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Surprise! The martech landscape has grown enormously again. No, no surprise there. 😏

ChiefMartec brings us back a report on the growth of the marketing technology landscape. That was back two years ago, but the team has now developed an algorithm-based way to make reporting faster and more regular. Here are the key takeaways.

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Martech map may 2022

Continued growth

There are now 9,932 different solutions counted, which represents a growth of 24% compared to 2020. If we look at an 11-year period, which is the start of the measurement, we see an incredible growth of 6,521 %!


The growth of recent years has been accompanied by consolidation of the market. Successful companies were bought out and less successful ones left. This effect accounted for no less than 12.15% of the 8,000 Martech solutions counted in 2020. This tells us that the market is not only growing as much as before, but is more in motion than before.

Record growth

If we look at the absolute growth, we count 2,904 new vendors. Not counting churn, we count 36% new platforms since 2020! The main growth can be found in the Experience Platforms. The need to stand out with a good consumer experience is the biggest driver here.


Striking differences can be found in the regions. While the US has more account-based marketing tools, Europe is growing much more in asset management platforms. This may have something to do with the European privacy watchdog.

Watch out

The evolution of MarTech tools has thus been in full swing for several decades and there is no indication that the (r)evolution will soon come to a halt. Of course, there are many differences in those almost 10,000 tools. If you want more detail, you can now use an interactive tool to discover which vendors are active in which sector. You can search, filter and sort the complete list of 2022.

Would you like more insights and explanations? Then you can view the full PDF report.

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