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Joris De Groot

Written on 16 May 2024

Joris De Groot
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The Digitals aims to help its clients with AI technology in a way that corresponds to our core values. That why we created an AI charter that informs our partners, staff and clients about our strategic approach to using AI technology in a project.

We are constantly in the center of countless of digital projects and products, which provides us the privilege to watch closely how technology evolves and how its cutting edge is being leveraged. AI technology is still evolving rapidly, which causes hesitation and doubt for many digital leaders that need to make the decision whether to adopt AI in their solutions. While it is true that early adopters experience the typical teething pains that all new technology brings, the potential of large language models and the core ability for AI to quickly recognise patterns and automate workflows is very powerful and useful - if planned and implemented in a good way.

Using new, powerful and evolving technology requires an approach that is supported by strong principles and ethical values.

These are ours:

1. Specific and purposeful

We help our clients define AI projects that are rooted in reality and that are achievable and manageable. Our whole AI project lifecycle is focused on keeping the scope under control. We will help you identify use cases that have a strong benefit by introducing AI technology.

2. Human

We believe AI technology is here to make our lives better. We deliver A.I. results that perform useful tasks and actually provide value to an organisation and / or community of people. Our AI project should result in making people's lives better, more useful and happier.

We work according to legal standards around security, transparency, and the protection of fundamental rights as described in the EU AI act.

3. Sustainable

We believe that it should be possible to combine a green future and AI technology. Since AI models require a lot of energy to be trained, we aim to optimize the architecture and corresponding net energy spend for each use case.

4. Honest

An AI experience should be trustworthy and provide authentic, valuable results to its user. We design & deliver AI user experiences that strive for realistic results and avoid AI responses that are out of bounds. It's our mission to delivery human, pleasant experiences that don't betray the human trust.

5. Positive data governance

We will never accept AIprojects for clients that will not include data governance as a part of an AI project. Helping make sure that source data is reliable, original and useful is an integral part of our mission. Ideally, AI projects should also contribute back to achieve better structured source data, which contributes to better, more efficient and complete data sets.

6. Avoid vendor lock-in

Our applications and architecture strive to work with open components, which are replaceable in themselves. We want to ensure that the value of a solution persists during its logical and inevitable technological evolution.

How we do it

We strongly believe that these values make all AI projects just better and more valuable. In this way, we guide our clients towards better, more useful technological innovation.

Wondering if AI can have a positive impact on your organisation? We help you with different aspects:

Make a positive impact with AI

Do you feel like these values align with your project? Give us a call and we'll explore the possibilities together.

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