Successful digital transformation: not without research and analysis

Joris De Groot

Written on 17 May 2024

Joris De Groot

The 5 pillars of successful preparation

Digital transformation is a complex and comprehensive process that always requires thorough preparation. As no two processes are the same, qualitative research is always a must.
In this article, we discuss the key elements of a well-executed preparatory research and tell you how we prepare a strategic advisory report.

Target group research

Knowing what your target audience craves is an absolute no-brainer. And yet many digital projects are still started from gut feeling and company thinking.

Who will benefit from your digital transformation and who will use the tools? Correctly understanding the wants and needs of your target audience is essential to tailor your services and products accordingly. A better picture of what your customers want and need leads to products and services that better match their expectations.

Competitive research

Besides understanding your target audience, competitor research is key. By analysing where your competitors are and what their strengths and weaknesses are, we can identify threats and opportunities for an organisation.

Properly conducted competition research provides a clear picture of your own position in the market vis-à-vis your competitors, thus helping to discover unused opportunities and anticipate possible threats. The knowledge gained about your competitors' strategies is then used to refine your own strategy.

Market research

Market research provides a broader perspective on the environment in which you operate. The aim is to identify trends, growth opportunities and potential risks in the market before starting the project. Market research allows you to identify potential risks early and anticipate them.

Desk research

Desk research (or secondary research) also plays an important role. Here we look at historically available data of the organisation to get a complete picture of the current situation and trends. Desk research is often quicker and easier to carry out because the data is already available. It provides insight into historical trends and performance, which regularly proves valuable for further strategic planning.

Ready? Go!

Advisory report and strategic guidelines: the road to success

To give you targeted advice, we prepare a strategic advisory report that serves as a solid foundation for your project. The report includes:

  • Clear overview of the research findings
  • Concrete strategic recommendations
  • List of fundamental business requirements.

We also already map these requirements onto a number of potential solutions, via a fit-gap analysis. A fit-gap analysis shows how well a potential solution fits your own business requirements. This allows you to benchmark digital solutions against your specific requirements.

Our advisory report significantly increases the chances of a successful digital transformation.

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