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It happens to everyone ... a moment of doubt about the correct spelling of a word or the choice of an article. The days when we had to reach for a paper dictionary are long gone. Now we look for the answer via search engines.

The website where you will undoubtedly find the right answer is VRT Taal.

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Accessibility for the blind and visually impaired

During the development of this new Drupal-website, much attention was paid to accessibility for people with visual impairments. Our goal was to make the website easily accessible for the widest and most diverse audience possible. This was implemented in both design and technology. A few concrete applications are listed below:

The objective was to make the website easily accessible to the widest and most diverse audience possible.

  • The chosen colour combinations are in accordance with the accessibility rules. The background colour and the colour of the text are sufficiently contrasting. All texts smaller than 24 px have a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1.
  • Audio and video clips were integrated with an accessible audio and video player, namely Media Element audio player and syndication (video). As a result, all videos are subtitled and a text version of the video is also available.
  • The source code meets the specifications for the visually impaired: all pages have a meaningful title, pages are semantically structured and the basic language of each page is indicated.
  • Readability of links & images has been optimised.
  • You can also navigate using your keyboard.
  • ...

During the construction phase, we used Anysurfer for targeted accessibility advice. In addition, a person with a disability was also involved in the testing phase. He went through the whole website and gave feedback on accessibility. His feedback was of course more than valuable during our development phase.

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