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Setting up an active membership campaign to bring in more donations can only be done with a good plan and the right approach.

With a new marketing strategy and an automated membership platform, we managed to significantly improve the results of the MS League campaign operation.

43% more donations

A big increase in donations in one year.

From passive to active members

Member activation and automation for effective campaigns

Donation platform

Members and volunteers now set up campaigns themselves via an online portal.

Performance marketing

Search engine optimisation and Google ads campaigns ensure quality inflow of visitors.

Dependent on donations

MS League's challenge

MS League Flanders focuses on informing and supporting people with MS and those around them. Optimal quality of life is central to this. The organisation consists of a close-knit team of permanent staff and volunteers.

Like many other charities in Belgium, MS-Liga Vlaanderen is largely dependent on fundraising. As much as 85% of their income is based on gifts and donations.

If these donations drop out, MS League Flanders has to rely on its own resources. Unfortunately, patients are the first to lose out.

Our core mission: ensuring a sufficient influx of donations.

New donation platform

The new donation platform integrates a powerful website with CMS and CRM into one online portal. It allows you to become a member and, as a member, you can run your own promotional campaigns. MS league has a powerful CRM with which it manages their entire membership operation.

With digital tools for online donations, gifts and a campaign planner, the MS League is fully ready for the future.

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Data-driven marketing

Google Grants Ads

Non-profitorganisaties moeten elke investering goed overwegen. We wezen MS-Liga daarom in de richting van Google Ads Grants, waardoor ze beschikken over 10.000 dollar advertentiebudget per maand. We begeleidden hen door het verificatieproces en dachten strategisch na over de objectieven en tactieken van Google Ads campagnes.

Data tracking & dashboarding

De processen en interacties worden ook gemeten en geëvalueerd. De resultaten worden aangeboden in overzichtelijke dashboards. De combinatie van website data, campagne resultaten en CRM metrics zorgen zo voor de inzichten om de processen verder te optimaliseren.

Tangible results

The results are concrete and according to objective:

  • More - organic - visitors to the website
  • Increase in quality of website visitors
  • Increase in donations

If we were to compare the donation proceeds during our collaboration with the same period last year, we see an increase of no less than 43.86%. With those higher donations, MS League Flanders finally gets the breathing space to focus even more on their goals.

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